Tracking Anti-Trackers

By DPN Staff

Reading an article on The Independent about Facebook “tracking you across the internet” will expose you to more than 100 trackers.

The report addressed Facebook tracking your online activity.

“The site has long been known to watch people as they navigate around the rest of the internet, in the hope of learning more about them,” The Independent reports.

A Magnusson Institute test using popular tools such as Ghostery showed that an unprotected reader who actually visited the Independent’s page would be — in turn — exposed to over one hundred trackers.

“It is a fundamental problem,” said Peter Magnusson, founder and president of the Magnusson Institute. “The primary news sources available to average Americans covering privacy is, in turn, delivered to readers through the very same privacy-invading technologies.

“It is a conflict of interest,” Magnusson added, “and media do not call attention to this conflict. This is key reason that Digital Privacy News was founded.”

Sources: The Independent, Magnusson Institute.

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