Daily Digest (4/3)

Zoom Removes LinkedIn Data-Mining Feature; UK Grocery Chain Cleared in Big Data Leak; Some US Stimulus Funds May Not Come Before August. Click below to read.

Zoom Removes LinkedIn Data-Mining Feature

Zoom, already under fire over numerous privacy concerns, said it had removed a controversial feature that allowed “undisclosed data mining” of user names and email addresses that matched them with LinkedIn profiles without their knowledge or permission.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator, used by the website for sales prospecting, was removed, Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan said Wednesday.

According to an investigation by The New York Times, the LinkedIn tool automatically sent users’ names and email addresses to Zoom’s internal system when they entered a web conference meeting on the app.

Zoom’s system would then match the data to users’ LinkedIn profiles, The Times reports.

The LinkedIn tool also automatically permitted others in a meeting to covertly access the LinkedIn data, without Zoom seeking users’ permission or notifying them.


  • Zoom Blog (external link)
  • NY Times (external link)

UK Grocery Chain Cleared in Big Data Leak

The Morrisons supermarket chain is not responsible for the criminal act of a disgruntled worker who leaked the payroll data of as many as 100,000 employees, UK’s highest court ruled.

The company appealed to the court to overturn earlier rulings that would have allowed compensation claims from thousands of employees whose data was posted online, The Guardian reports.

The five-judge panel unanimously ruled Wednesday that Morrisons was not “vicariously liable” for the actions of the disgruntled worker, Andrew Skelton, who also sent the stolen data to newspapers.

Source: The Guardian (external link)

Some US Stimulus Funds May Not Come Before August

The federal government expects to begin making payments this month under the new $2.2 trillion stimulus law signed last week, but Americans without direct deposit information may not get checks until August or later.

A memo obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, from the House Ways and Means Committee, said the IRS would likely make about 60 million payments starting the week of April 13.

The IRS has direct deposit information for these individuals from their 2018 or 2019 tax returns.

But the week of May 4, the agency will start issuing about 5 million paper checks weekly, the memo said. Those payments could take up to 20 weeks, delaying some checks until at least Aug. 17, AP reports.

Source: AP News (external link)

By DPN Staff