Daily Digest (5/8)

US Senate Expected to Vote on House-Passed FISA Bill Next Week; Microsoft to Invest $1B in Polish Cloud Project; Refugees Sue Germany Over Mobile Phone-Data Checks; DHS Moving Central Biometric Database to Amazon’s GovCloud. Click “Continue Reading” Below.

US Senate Expected to Vote on House-Passed FISA Bill Next Week

The Senate will vote next week on legislation to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which has been backed by the House of Representatives.

The bipartisan legislation seeks to curtail the National Security Agency’s telephone data-collection program and ban the collection of GPS and phone-location data without warrants, The Hill reports.

The bill would, however, extend key surveillance powers of the lapsed USA Freedom Act: the power to collect business records relevant to a counterterrorism or counter-espionage investigation; the authority to use roving wiretaps to track suspects, and the ability to surveil “lone wolf” suspects not connected to a known terrorist group or foreign power.

The Senate is also expected to vote on three amendments to the bill, including a ban on warrantless seizures of internet browsing and search histories by law enforcement.

Those amendments are expected to fail, the Hill reports.

Source: Senate expected to approve House-passed surveillance powers bill next week

Microsoft to Invest $1B in Polish Cloud Project

Microsoft Corp. agreed to invest $1 billion in a cloud project in Poland that includes opening up a data center to facilitate cloud services for businesses and government.

Microsoft is joining with Polish cloud provider Chmura Krajowa in a seven-year deal that will see the big tech company provide cloud-based technology training, Reuters reports.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that “Microsoft’s investment in Poland will be important for enterprises, public institutions and the education system and will enable them to digitally transform and implement new work standards.”

Source: Microsoft to invest $1 billion in Poland: statement

Refugees Sue Germany Over Mobile Phone-Data Checks

Three refugees have sued the German government over alleged invasion of privacy related to their phone-data checks.

German authorities have conducted these checks regularly, with a spokesman claiming that phone data “is often the only, or a very important, source to establish the identity and nationality” of a refugee,” Reuters reports.

The refugees are from Syria, Afghanistan and Cameroon. They are represented by the Berlin-based Society for Civil Rights.

Source: Refugees take Germany to court over mobile phone data checks

DHS Moving Central Biometric Database to Amazon’s GovCloud

The U.S. Office of Biometric Identity Management, part of Homeland Security, is moving its biometric database to Amazon’s GovCloud service.

The agency has released a privacy-impact assessment and will do so with each phase as its system is rolled out in four increments, Nextgov.com reports.

The assessment looks at which federal agencies and partners will use the system and some biometric technologies, like facial recognition.

The system also will be used to store, manage and disseminate biometric data on U.S. itizens and foreign nationals, Nextgov.com reports.

The Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology, or HART, system will introduce new capabilities and shift the entire system to the cloud.

Source: Homeland Security’s Biometrics Database Is on Its Way to the Amazon Cloud

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