Month: May 2020

Q&A: Orchid VPN Co-Founder Steven Waterhouse

A Privacy Solution That Combines Decentralization and Cryptocurrency

By Jackson Chen

With the market for virtual privacy networks growing to more than $25 billion last year, a field of established brand-name providers has dominated the market.

As major virtual private network (VPN) providers all include their own vulnerabilities, one platform seeks to offer a decentralized privacy solution that runs off cryptocurrency. 

Orchid, a peer-to-peer privacy network that uses its own cryptocurrency — OXT — for payment, was launched in December.

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Travel Industry Weighs Privacy, Safety in Re-Opening Polices

By Joanne Cleaver 

As travel resumes, what health and itinerary information will be attached to individuals’ documents?  

The travel industry has its gloved hands full as it rethinks and reorganizes its mission, functions, design and operations.

A top priority for a consortium of industry trade groups, led by the U.S. Travel Association, includes new types of identifications and related processes for ticketing, check-ins and payments.

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Patients May Benefit From Infrared Location Tracking, But at What Cost?

By Myrle Croasdale

Infrared tracking technology now is adding to the data-privacy discussion.

A Johns Hopkins University clinical and engineering team recently released a study that used detailed patient-mobility data to predict lengths of stay, the level of care patients needed when discharged and the likelihood of them being readmitted within 30 days.

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Q&A: Data 4 Black Lives’ Yeshimabeit Milner

‘Data Can Be Used to Create Social Movements’

By Terry Collins

The race is on for Data 4 Black Lives co-founder Yeshimabeit Milner, who admits time is of the essence.

She’s desperately seeking critical information on how many African Americans have contracted and died from COVID-19.

Mostly known as a privacy advocate seeking to abolish big data that she believes leads to social and political oppression, Milner’s group of engineers, data scientists and community leaders are making a hard pivot.

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