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Walmart Interested in TikTok as US CEO Resigns; Threat Group Uses ‘Sniffers’ in Elaborate Credit-Card Scheme; India Assures Citizen Privacy in New National Digital Health Initiative; US-UK Authorities Dismantle Online Piracy Ring. Click “Continue reading” below.

Walmart Interested in TikTok as US CEO Resigns

Walmart said Thursday that it might join Microsoft in buying the U.S. businesses of TikTok, the Chinese-owned app that is under fire for alleged threats to America’s national security.

Microsoft and TikTok declined to comment, The Associated Press reports.

TikTok has gained millions of users globally, but the White House will only allow the app to operate in the country if its owner, ByteDance, sells to an American company.

Over the past year, TikTok has tried to distance itself from its Chinese ownership, hiring a former Disney executive, Kevin Mayer, as its American CEO.

But Mayer resigned Thursday after a few months on the job.

Mayer told employees that his resignation was based on the “political environment sharply changing,” AP reports.

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Threat Group Uses ‘Sniffers’ in Elaborate Credit-Card Scheme

The Magecart threat group has injected malicious JavaScript code into e-commerce websites to withdraw customer payment-card data, Threatpost reported Thursday.

Research shared with Threatpost showed multiple threat groups had been tracked developing and advertising customized payment “sniffers” over the past six months.

Sniffers are harmful code, generally JavaScript, that are injected onto website payment systems via cross-site scripting attacks, Threatpost reports.

The web-based attacks are more available to cybercriminals, making sniffers dangerous when making online payments.

“The biggest takeaway is that there exists a market for hackers to advertise customized sniffer variants to conduct attacks against e-commerce websites,” researchers with Recorded Future told Threatpost.

“These customized sniffers contain multiple functions and are updated regularly to defeat security enhancements.”


India Assures Citizen Privacy in New National Digital Health Initiative

The Indian government Thursday assured citizens that all data-privacy measures would be enacted to safeguard information under its National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) program.

NDHM was announced earlier this month by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Independence Day speech, The News Minute reports.  

In his speech, Modi guaranteed that everyone enrolled for the program would get a free health ID with complete control over his or her data.

The Indian government has proposed minimum standards for data-privacy protection, to be followed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the Minute reports.

Modi’s government is seeking public comment on NDHM until Sept. 3.


US-UK Authorities Dismantle Online Piracy Ring

Authorities in the United States and Europe have brought down the Sparks Group, an online piracy group that cost film-production studios millions of dollars in lost revenue, Infosecurity reports.

Indictments unsealed Wednesday have charged Umar Ahmad and Jonatan Correa with copyright infringement conspiracy. George Bridi also was charged with wire-fraud conspiracy, copyright infringement conspiracy and attempt to transport stolen property.

According to court documents, the men allegedly used the internet to distribute hundreds of movies and television shows via streaming sites and other public servers.

The operation to dismantle the piracy ring involved 20 countries, various authorities and other agencies around the globe, Infosecurity reports.


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