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Judge Orders WH to Defend or Delay TikTok-WeChat Ban; UK Users Report Software Problems With New COVID App; Hackers Exploit Flaw in Microsoft Windows. Click “Continue reading” below.

Judge Orders WH to Defend or Delay TikTok-WeChat Ban

A federal court judge in Washington has ordered the Trump administration to delay the ban of TikTok or file legal papers defending its decision by 2:30 p.m. Friday.

U.S. District Court Judge Carl Nichols made the ruling Thursday, Reuters reports.

The Commerce Department’s ban on Apple and Google stores in the U.S. from offering the video-sharing app was to take effect Sunday.

The agency must file a response to a request by TikTok for a preliminary injunction before moving forward with the ban.

In addition, a San Francisco federal judge issued a preliminary injunction blocking a similar order that was to ban Tencent’s WeChat app in U.S. app stores, according to Reuters.

The Commerce Department said in a statement that it planned to challenge the WeChat injunction but had yet to file an appeal.

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UK Users Report Software Problems With New COVID App

Software problems arose after Thursday’s launch of the U.K. National Health Service COVID-19 app in England and Wales.

While there were hundreds of thousands of downloads, the problems left Android and iPhone users unable to use the software, The Guardian reports.

People with older phones are experiencing the greatest problems, because the Apple-Google framework restricts phones still receiving software updates. As such, those with iPhone 6 devices and older models cannot use the technology.

Google said the app received more than 100,000 U.K. downloads, but the stores’ rating sits at 1.5 stars because of the technology malfunctions, the Guardian reports.

As the number of downloads increase, the government will need to address the software problems, as well as the risk of app-based “false positives,” according to the report.


Data Breach Hits Large Texas Software Provider

Tyler Technologies Inc. said its phone and information technologies system had been breached.

The large software provider, based in Plano, Texas, did not say Wednesday if ransomware was involved, but Tyler had reach out to law enforcement for additional cybersecurity help, The Associated Press reports.

“At this time and based on the evidence available to us to-date, all indications are that the impact of this incident is limited to our internal network and phone systems,” the company told AP.

“We currently have no reason to believe that any client data, client servers or hosted systems are affected,” officials said.

Tyler Tech provides services to state, county and local governments, including online publishing for election results.

Officials from the Department of Homeland Security have warned companies that systems reporting election results will be targets for hackers seeking to disrupt the Nov. 3 presidential election, AP reports. 


Hackers Exploit Flaw in Microsoft Windows

Microsoft has warned users that hackers exploited a Windows server systems flaw that could lead to a vulnerable corporate network.

Microsoft’s announcement came after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued an emergency directive to seal all vulnerabilities in federal agencies networks, Krebs on Security reports.

“We have observed attacks where public exploits have been incorporated into attacker playbooks,” Microsoft said on Twitter.

“We strongly recommend customers to immediately apply security updates,” the company said. 

The server vulnerability could lead hackers to gaining administrative access to a Windows domain controller and running any application, according to Krebs.

Microsoft did release a patch for the systems flaw in August, but it’s common for businesses to delay updates because companies dislike changes to specific software, according to Krebs.


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