Month: November 2020

‘Fired Up on All Sides’

Experts: Political Affiliations, Generally Private, May Cause Bias in the Workplace

By Nora Macaluso

Americans have the right to keep their political opinions to themselves, should they wish — but as anyone who’s done a Google search knows, it’s not hard to find hints online as to someone’s party affiliation or political leanings.

That’s concerning to some who follow workplace issues.

The current U.S. election cycle, which peaks with nationwide voting Tuesday, has made for even more of a minefield — with politics taking center stage in a highly polarized environment.

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Q&A: CDT’s William Adler

Even a Small Breach in Election Security Can Sow Distrust

By Mary Pieper

William T. Adler, senior technologist in elections and security at the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington, recently participated in a news briefing on election security.

With record early voting leading into Tuesday’s election, Adler and his colleagues explained what election officials were doing to prevent security breaches. They also discussed online misinformation and voting suppression.

In a follow-up interview, Adler told Digital Privacy News that, while election officials had made numerous security improvements, vulnerabilities still existed.

An attack on just one voting machine could create widespread doubts about overall election security, he said.

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Palestinian Groups Say COVID Emergency Law Being Used by Authorities to Curb Rights

By Dalia Hatuqa

Countries worldwide are facing an unprecedented challenge in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

The measures being put in place, while timely and often necessary, have had a real impact on democratic practices and processes — including those in the digital sphere, rights groups have told Digital Privacy News.

The Palestinian territories are no different.

As the pandemic rages throughout the West Bank and Gaza —54, 060 confirmed cases, 561 deaths as of Sunday — digital-rights groups told Digital Privacy News of an increase in violations of human rights online by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

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