Month: July 2022

Digital Privacy News has been Archived

When I started the Magnusson Institute in 2018, I had an early understanding of the problem I wanted to try to do something about: the loss of our digital privacy. But I had no idea about how to go about making a difference. So, we tried a few different things, started a few different projects.

One of them was Digital Privacy News (DPN). Five years ago, news coverage of the important things happening in privacy – and related topics like online identity and digital freedoms – was severely lacking.

Todd Beamon joined us as Founding Editor in Chief, and in March 2020 we launched Todd got it off the ground from scratch and ran it for 18 months. We published 368 articles by 64 writers. Todd of course deserves the bulk of the credit for pulling together so much quality content from so many good writers in such a small amount of time.

We’re very proud of what we did with DPN. But things have changed in the world in general. Now, “privacy” is covered by traditional media outlets on a daily basis. They do not necessarily do a great job – after all, they are caught in a dilemma. To put it bluntly, your loss of digital privacy is what pays their bills.

We looked at ways to change how we might produce news in this space in a manner that would make an impact. We would like to be able to start DPN back up at some point in the future, but unfortunately, at this point we do not have a timeline for that. There are other projects that we believe will have greater impact to benefit your online privacy that require our attention and resources.

Nevertheless, there was very good material written by excellent writers. So we have decided to host this archive site. (Note: some material is missing but we will restore it.)


Peter S Magnusson