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Our Mission: Your Privacy

Current and imminent information technology holds the promise of immense benefits to the health and happiness of every human being on the planet.

However: every individual has rights to their own data, including data about them. Any such data should be stored and processed primarily to the direct benefit of that individual.

Your data. Your potential. 

It is striking how difficult it is to get informed about privacy—without being subject to surveillance while doing so. Without apparent self-irony, online articles documenting how to defend your privacy are covered with trackers and ads.

Reliable news sources would have not just a paywall, but on top of that, provide information about what you are reading to major social media corporations.

There are still sources of information that stay true to their mission—but there remains a gap: a dedicated news site devoted to digital privacy. A news service that does not try to directly monetize visitors.

Which is why we decided to launch Digital Privacy News in March, 2020. And it is why picked the tagline: “Informing you without watching you.”

Alongside our core belief that privacy is a fundamental right, we will strive to provide you with quality reporting on privacy, without bias or advocacy.

Welcome to Digital Privacy News!

Peter S. Magnusson