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Stymied Over Right of Action, Fla. Lawmakers Fail to Pass Privacy Bill

By Jackson Chen

Florida legislators failed to pass a comprehensive privacy law Friday, as the issue of guaranteeing citizens a private right of action against offenders proved to be a major sticking point between the state’s two chambers.

“We started an important conversation about data privacy for Floridians this session and took strong first steps toward common-sense changes,” Republican Rep. Fiona McFarland, who introduced the bill in February to the Florida House of Representatives, said on Twitter over the weekend.

“Although we ran out of time in the 60-day session, the fight for data rights is far from over!”

This year’s session of the Florida Legislature, which began March 3, ended Friday. The Sunshine State, the nation’s third most populous, would have been the latest to enact consumer protections against Big Data’s ability to harvest personal information, following California and Virginia.